overseas product promotion of senhe high technology smoothly held in mongolia-pg电子试玩

on september 6, 2014, the production promotion of environmental technology of gold extraction was grandly held at the capital of mongolia ulan bator, led by mongolia-china business association and sponsored by mongolia gold association. over eighty people participated the meeting, including the minister of ministry of environmental protection mr. dugerian, the member of mongolia gold industry association mr. burentogtokh s, the president of mongolia-china business development association ms oyuntsetseg. d, and representatives of many gold enterprises.

as the only one manufacturer of environmental reagent of gold extraction, the market department manager of the company mr. xu wenbing took part in the meeting, hand in hand with the principal of international department. during the meeting, first, the mongolia party made a detailed introduction of our company and the products, and then manager xu of the company delivered a special report on the technology research of handling the gold concentrates with the reagent of gold beneficiation---golden cicada independently researched and developed by the company. through the detailed interpretation, personnel of mongolia governments and experts of gold industry spoke highly of the products of the company, and deemed the products as perspective and pioneering in the industry, and also as products with broad prospects of market application. in addition, the minister of ministry of environmental protection mr. dugerian emphasized at the meeting: the environmental protection administration of mongolia highly values the promotion and application of the green and environmental product of the reagent of gold beneficiation---golden cicada in mongolia, and they believed the introduction of the high-tech achievement of golden cicada was bound to instill new vitality into the gold industry development of mongolia and with significance for stimulating the development of industrial economy in mongolia.

through the promotion, the company has strengthen the exchanges with the foreign peers, expanded the influence of the golden cicada overseas, and acquired expected satisfactory results, therefore it has laid a solid foundation for the company to advance the world market and take the lead in the cause of developing international environmental gold extraction technologies while based at the asia.

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